Our Beers

The Nooner

Belgian American Pale


A Belgian American Pale that all beer drinkers can relate to. This crisp, refreshing ale has a Belgian flair without all the sourness. “The Nooner” is crafted with an ideal blend of grains and triple hopped to bring you the perfect afternoon beer(s); satisfying your desires.

Beer Geek Stuff:

  • 4.3% abv
  • 11 plato
  • 5 srm

The Closer

Belgian American Black Pepper Stout

The bigger, darker and mysterious sister of the Nooner is crafted for drinkers with a more seductive craving. The firm body coupled with a chocolaty smooth finish will bring you home to satisfaction (even if you wake up somewhere else).

Beer Geek Stuff:

  • 6% abv
  • 15 plato
  • 30 srm


Toffee Coconut Brown Ale

Southern English Brown (session)

This full bodied brew is lean at 3.5%, but don’t let that fool you. With rich malty sweetness and toasted coconut flavors throughout; this beer hits on all cylinders.

Beer Geek Stuff:

  • 3.5% abv
  • 9 plato
  • 22.2 srm


Berry Basil Wheat

Belgian Wit

With a silky smooth body and a playful sour bite. This beer is sassy, fun, and a bit kinky too. The basil brings a freshness that seems familiar for just the right amount of wrong in this refreshing fruity wheat brew.

Beer Geek Stuff:

  • 4.6% abv
  • 12 plato
  • 4.2 srm

2 Responses to “Our Beers”

  1. Hubert loves the Nooner! He has it every year at his Socktoberfest!

  2. Nice layout for the site bro! Happy brewing, cheers!

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