Happy New Year from No Limit Brewing! Revolution 2013!

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Big Dog’s Winterfest 2013!

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Winterfest is here once again! Come join us for great beer, food, music and fun. No Limit Brewing will be pouring our Nooner, Closer, Toffee Coconut Brown and Berry Basil Wheat. Come help us Redefine Las Vegas Craft Beer! Join the movement!


It’s That Time Again!

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Big Dog’s has invited us back for their next beer fest. This time it’s their DOGtoberfest. We will be pouring only two brews this time so make sure to get their early to get a taste of both.  We will be pouring The Nooner and a specialty dark brew made for the fall. If it’s anywhere near as well put together as their Summerfest was your in for a good day of drinking! Look forward to seeing you there. Don’t forget to tell your friends. Cheers.

Big Dog’s Draft House Summerfest

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Welcome to Big Dog’s Summerfest!

As you can see the place was packed (these photos are only showing half the event…towards the stage was just as dense!)


First off No Limit wants to send a shout out to our support from Big Dog’s. They have been a huge help in allowing us to appear at their events and supporting us in getting people to understand our philosophy on beer craft.

Big Dog’s gave us our own booth and offered to get us anything we needed to get set up and stay that way (ice, water, glasses, beer, etc.). As you can see from the images above the set up was pretty sweet.

This was the first event that we poured all four of our flagship brews including the first pour of our Berry Basil Wheat beer (huge success). We chose to stagger the pouring into pairs. First up was The Nooner and our relatively new Toffee Coconut Brown.

Both The Nooner and Toffee Coconut Brown were a huge success. The Nooner held it’s typical place amongst the easy drinking light afternoon beers, quenching peoples thirst and pleasing their palates to boot. While crisp and delicate it has always proven to be a real crowd pleaser amongst the widest demographic of all our beers.  This beer bridges the gap from the most experienced craft drinker to the newly initiated American commercial brew lover.

A lot of people expressed their excitement and surprise at the tingle in their brain from a taste of the Toffee Coconut Brown. At first glance a dark, rich, and aromatic brew was surprisingly light, smooth, and complex for a session beer. Once people got a taste for this one they almost always came back for a second tasting.

As always our passion for our product and people general curiousity about both our philosophy and our process led to some very interesting conversations. We love to talk about this stuff. Beer is in our genetics…and yours too!

As the sun set into the evening and the party grew…we brought out the second set of brews…The Closer and our newly released Berry Basil Wheat.  First off, I think I received the most comments from people about their interest and eventual satisfaction with the Berry Basil Wheat. The fresh crisp basil character in connection with the fruity belgian background and smooth wheat malt character refreshed the palate of most of our visitors.  The Closer was a tougher sell because of its color and black pepper addition, but once people put their lips around it and experienced the chocolate fruity character with a mild peppery finish the beer truly lived up to its name.  As you can see from the above pic we had one visitor that was so in love with this brew that he decided to leave a tip and hover till he was unable to walk away without being carried.

Fortunately his designated drivers arrived to get him home safely.

If Hubert has peaked your interest. Check out his blog here.


Before I end this post I do need to send a shout out to Roland Atkins (pictured in the blue shirt…I promise we will get you a logo shirt soon). His help in both the setup, takedown, and pouring (while my partner and I carried on in beer conversation) was a huge help.

Thanks again to all friends, family, and supporters of No Limit Brewing. We believe in bringing a new understanding of beer theory to the masses. It’s not complicated.  It’s the flavor that defines us. Keep the movement going. Follow us and get your friends involved. We hope to please you all again soon. Cheers!


Big Dog’s Draft House Summerfest today at 6pm.

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No Limit is bringing the flavor to Big Dog’s Draft House Summerfest today starting at 6pm.  The Nooner and the Toffee Coconut Brown go on at 6. While The Closer and Berry Basil Wheat will be making a later appearance. We hope to see you there! Let’s charge those flavor memories! Pics to follow

No Limit Beers Ready for Summerfest 2012!

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What a beautiful sight! The Nooner, The Closer, Coconut Brown and Basil Wheat ready for Big Dog’s Summerfest 2012. Come taste the revolution!

Big Dogs Summerfest 2012

No Limit Brewing Pouring at Big Dog’s Summer Beer Fest 2012!

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Once again Big Dog’s has shown their strong local support for No Limit Brewing, offering  a Special Guest booth at Summer Beer Fest! No Limit Brewing will be pouring our 3 signature beers along with a debut pouring of our experimental Berry Basil Wheat. We greatly appreciate Big Dog’s ongoing support! Only with local support like this will we succeed. Be part of  the revolution, come for an evening of great beer, music, and food! Thanks Big Dog’s!

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